Leigh Fisher, Senior Executive Resume Writer, Hoopsmith, and Yogi

There’s this great children’s book, Olivia, and it begins with: This is Olivia! She is good at LOTS of things. She is very good at wearing people out. Sometimes she even wears herself out.

I identify with this sassy little pig hard. I am good at LOTS of things, and I generally wear myself out trying to fit all of them into one day. I have made websites for yoga, I have made countless content portfolios, I have kept several blogs over the years, and I even have an IMDB page for my work as a voice actor. I thought all of these things are so different surely they need each their own place. But in an effort to not wear myself out all the time, I decided that since all of the very good things are me and mine, perhaps I should put them into one place after all, and here we are.

I am also an interdisciplinary theatre artist, writer of many things, Krav Maga practitioner, roller skate enthusiast, vocalist, and proud mama to an amazing almost teenager and at least three cats.

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